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DJ: 93706 Zone
Location: Fresno, CA

The 93706 Zone radio stream is owned and operated by the James E. Aldredge Foundation, located at the Cecil C. Hinton Multicultural Community Center in Fresno, CA. The purpose of this radio stream is to disperse information that is vital to the sustainability of our community. In doing so we are not only utilizing live stream radio, but other areas of communication as well, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Talkfusion. The 93706 Zone radio stream also helps fulfill the need for youth educational development programs in West Fresno. The radio stream provides a skill-building opportunity for students in the avenues of leadership development and communication (e.g., presentations and public speaking). Listen to our 93706 Zone radio stream "Where Community Happens" for positive and stimulating interviews with community leaders and to stay in the know about important events in the 93706 Zone.