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The Fantastic Violinaires
The year was 1952. The city was Detroit, Michigan. Isaiah “Lil Shoot” Jones, Wilson DeShields and Leo Coney decided to form a gospel quartet group. They would come to be known as The Violinaires. From this humble beginning the world was introduced to the greatest gospel group to sing God’s praises. Known for their high falsetto background and lead singers, the group would make an indubitable mark on gospel music.

The Soul Stirrers
The name says it all. One of the most popular and influential gospel groups of the 20th century, the Soul Stirrers were pioneers in the development of the quartet style of gospel.

The Swan Silvertones
The Swan Silvertones were a Gospel music group that achieved great popularity in the 1940s and 1950s while led by Claude Jeter. Jeter formed the group in 1938 as the "Four Harmony Kings" in West Virginia.

The Fairfield Four
A Cappella is their trademark. They perform traditional spirituals like no one before them and certainly none have come along to match the awesome vocals of this group from Nashville, Tennessee

The Dixie Hummingbirds
Formed in 1928 in Greenville, South Carolina, by James B. Davis, The Dixie Hummingbirds are an institution in gospel music group. The group was formed over 80 years ago. They are known for singing the various style of gospel music, from jubilee quartet style through the hard gospel quartet style to the modern sound of today.

Favorite Albums

The Fantastic Violinaires - At His Command

Lee Williams & The Spiritual QC's - Good Time
One of a kind gospel celebration.

The Gospel Keynotes - Just A Rehearsal
Ushered in a new era of gospel quartet music.

The Mighty Clouds of Joy - Cloudburst
Good old fashion gospel quartet singing with a modern day flair.

The Brooklyn Allstars - I've Got My Ticket
Another album that is full of good old fashion gospel singing with a touch of 70's flair.

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