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opera music online from The Great Opera Voices on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Operaphile in SF
Location: San Francisco, CA

Welcome Listeners, This channel is devoted to the classical music lover. The programming includes selections from The Great Ballets, Concertos, Operas, Symphonies and Tone Poems. All of the major Composers from the romantic period are represented here by world renowned Singers, Conductors and Orchestras. This makes for a very enjoyable music experience. Just to name a few of the singers your will hear on this station. Bjoerling, Caballe, Callas, Carreras, Corelli, De Stefano, de Los Angeles, Del Monico, Domingo, Milanov, Pavarotti, Ponselle, Rethberg, Tebaldi, Souliotis, Sutherland, Warren and so many more great voices of the 20th Century. The list is endless. The catalog of opera recordings (both live and studio) is vast and many selections are not likely to be heard on other channels. New tracks are being added on a regular basis as time permits. Join us daily for COMPLETE OPERAS both Live and Recorded performances from our extensive catalog of great performances at "". I am proud to say the we offer the finest music selections at the highest broadcasting bit rate of 128 kbs. Please visit our website at "opera-thegreatvoices.comand browse through some of the the many fine recordings that are played on this station. Happy listening and enjoy this beautiful music.