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idm music online from abcdefg (A2G) on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: greg retro
Location: Little Fluffy Cloud, AZ

Hi! I'm DJ Greg Rose (also known as Greg Retro in some of my musical projects).
I have a background in radio, and was a part-time club dj in San Francisco (ambient/chill/techhouse/microhouse) before moving to the Phoenix area for my job in 2009.
In addition, my musical partner Amy C (the other A2G co-conspiritor and the "A" of "A2G") and I form an ambient-ish sound collage project called distantHum, along with our mutual friend and soundgear guru AndyLama.
I own 8000+ cds (not burns), as well as ~1500 pieces of vinyl (albums and 12" singles). The sound of A2G is a good representation of about 2/3's of my musical tastes, and I'm hoping to open another stream which might tackle some of that remaining third.
While it appears that a live server is not in the cards for the near future, the additional storage space that L365 has recently granted has made it much easier to maintain a fresher sound on A2G - currently I have over 90 hours of music rotating at one time. I am still hoping to eventually input all of my music into a playlist generator, which would generate an even better sounding mix of music with fewer repeats.
I hope A2G is enjoyable and exposes you to some great music that you would NEVER hear on traditional broadcast stations. For those electronic-heads listening, I hope that you gain a healthy respect for (or at least less fear for) guitars. For those indie-rock folks, I hope the stream opens you up to a world where electronics can be warm and inviting. A2G is only in the IDM genre because I play a lot of IDM - those of you that complain to me that I don't play all IDM... That's the POINT! A2G is supposed to spread across many genres - it's more about finding a specific sound or quality in music... and not necessarily about only playing one genre.
Nonetheless, please drop me a line if you have suggestions, criticisms or requests.
I'd love to hear from you!

- Greg
Favorite Artists

Boards of Canada
Magical melodies, amazing beats. Often imitated, never quite equaled.

Cocteau Twins
Long time fan.

Some of the most amazing soundscapes I've ever heard... pure bliss...

Sigur Rós
My favorite concert experience of all time: Sigur Rós at the Fillmore for their first Ágætis Byrjun US Tour.

Beautiful complexity. Gorgeous crunchness!

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