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Trop Rock, Beach Music, Island Style, Indie, Country-Folk-rock, Canyon-rock: for your Wanderlust Beach Vibes, Rocky Mountain Highs & Desert Highway Hoedowns!

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I am Renn Hoaloha Loren, the singer-songwriter of Renn Loren & the Tiki Town Castaways (formerly The Topangas) and I do this because I am living FOR, FROM, and BECAUSE OF music! This is truly a music lover's station: I simply LOVE and CHERISH good music and would like to share that with YOU;-)

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Welcome to Tiki Town RADIO.
TTR is your own escape to a sonic paradise - a place where real music being played by actual musicians or artists who write their own songs, can actually play their instruments and sing vocals without the need of Auto Tune or the robotic buzz, bang, clap, and clatter of video game sound effects can still be heard. Not only is the music real and melodic, it is also diverse: you will hear not only rock, country, and folk-oriented music on TTR but also hints of reggae, Hawaiian, Island Style, Trop Rock, Latin, and soul. We feel that GOOD music is GOOD music and GOOD music sounds even better when SHARED!

We feature many classics of the genres we feature because we realize that there are always new generations who have been deprived of hearing these pop rock gems due to ever-decaying radio programming that seems to exclude nearly anything with heart or soul or that hasn't been Auto-tuned and over-produced by an industry more focused on celebrity for celebrity's sake, image, and trends than on the MUSIC!

So if you'd like to enjoy some bands and artists that are more substance than surface, more timeless than trendy, exciting, fun, and fresh rather than pompous, posturing, and pre-fab please listen in. And if you have some requests or favorites or best of all NEW finds in any of the above listed genres please let us know. We thrive on NEW music!!!

Come on up to the canyon or down to the beach, grab a seat 'round our sonic campfire and warm your heart and soul!