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DJ: GrooveWrangler
Location: Punta Gorda, FL

I am Renn Hoaloha Loren, the singer-songwriter of Renn Loren & the Tiki Town Castaways (formerly The Topangas) and I do this because I am living FOR, FROM, and BECAUSE OF music! This is truly a music lover's station: I simply LOVE and CHERISH good music and would like to share that with YOU;-)
Favorite Artists

The Beatles & The Stones
BOTH have absolutely FANTASTIC songs, vocals, vibe. Launched a million bands and artists. Just GOTTA LOVE 'em!

The holy trinity: One has just GOT TO LOVE proper soul, R&B & blues music... I mean they're pretty much at the foundation of ALL great stuff aren't they?!

Neil Young/Marley&Buffett
They're ALL such originals... and TIMELESS. They also keep making GREAT records. Marley too through his sons!!!

Hawaiian/Island Style Music
ANYthing Hawaiian just makes ya jump up & quickly realize you'd rather be on a tropical beach in da islands!!!

Latin Music
A whole world of warm grooves and delicious harmonies!

Favorite Albums

The Beatles - 1962-1966
The early and perhaps most purely unaffected, non-pretentious of their pop songs... and RIFFS galore! Short, sweet, and timeless.

Bob Marley - Legend
I mean ; if you're on an island don't ya just kinda GOTTA have some Marley or what?!

Martin Denny Exotica - Quiet Village
Music to HELP the natives GET restless;-)

Jimmy Buffett - Bars, Beaches Boats & Ballads
I mean, I'm on an ISLAND, right?!

Bossa Novas - The Girls Of Ipanema
2 CDs of bossa grooves-perfect for late tropical or desert island nights...Though, in reality I'd have my 80 GB Mp3 player with well over 10000 songs (@320kbps!) with me;-)

Favorite Broadcasters

Beachfront Radio
Take me to the islands or the beach.

! 70RetroRadio - HITS !
A trip down Memory Lane the great rockin' & acoustically-based FOLK-rockin' stuff I LOVE! Like hangin' out with a good ol' friend at your favorite place!

Margaritaville and beyond!

Cause it really don't mean a thing if it ain't got that SWING!

Roo Radio
Because I also happen to LOVE Power Pop and Garage Rock!

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