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contemporary country music online from Kiss Country on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: steve micheals & randy cohn
Location: Springfield/Urbana, OH

I have worked in radio three times now going on four. I love the medium and hope for a revival of the on air talent. I really enjoy doing this. It is quite a great thing to program and hope the choices I make musically are ones you like. I am from Springfield,Oh and have worked at three radio stations. I have a serious passion for radio but never had the opportunity to do with one as I have here. So I can pursue my passion on my days off from the dreaded "regular" job. I got the nickname "Gilligan" from my first radio station. The evening talent was not able to pronounce my name. So it stuck. While I went by my first and middle name (plural) as my on air name, the nickname stuck. So I am Steve Michaels, nice to meet you. I hope the selection of music is to your liking. Please leave a message regarding any questions, request for music or suggestions in our comments area at the bottom of our station page. Thanks for reading. Regards, Steve Michaels P.S. Kiss Country is not corporate owned or operated in any way. I provide all funding for Kiss Country out of my own pocket. All music selected is music I picked based on what I thought you would like and hum or sing along to.If there is music you like that is not in the playlist, please leave a message at the bottom of the station page. Our playlist is a little deeper than the #1 country station on live365. I wanted a little more variety for you. Overall Kiss Country intends to Keep the playlist up to date with the current hits and bring you some of your favorites from the country vault that others don't touch that hopefully you like.
Favorite Artists

Alan Jackson
Great sounding music and nice guy! Met him in 1993 at a concert here in Ohio.

Billy Currington
Just love his music!

Joe Nichols
Great stuff. Love his sound!

Taylor Swift
She is such an awesome role model for todays up and coming ladies. Just love her sound! So traditional, yet fresh.

Colbie Caillat
Her music is just so easy to listen to! And she is well what would Jim Carey say??? SSMMMOOOKKKKIIINNN!!

Favorite Broadcasters

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Another of our stations, Golden Age of Radio. Featuring all the great OTR classics. Give us a listen today!

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