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hard rock music online from ROXY Radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: DJ Steve
Location: Chicago, IL

My name is Steve and I love the arts. It all started when I was a kid, circa early 80s, when I picked up a camera and fell in love with photography. From there, video production started with your cheap VHS video cameras and editing. Late 80s I discovered guitar and still play today. I'm currently working on a new CD in my studio for release this summer. MIME RIOT's debut CD will be available on itunes. I still shoot photo and video, for clients and myself. I started ROXY Radio when I thought a better way was needed to get Indie artists out there. There are too many good musicians not being I play them.
Favorite Artists

Yngwie Malmsteen
If you heard Yngwie you know why

Steve Vai
Do I need to explain this?

Paul Gilbert
Just perfect