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Miracle on 34th Street, Wizard of Oz, Hoilday music and much more...

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About six years ago my son, only three at the time, scratched by cornea with his tiny finger while we were wrestling. I had to spent the next three days in the dark with a warm dish towel over my eye doing nothing, allowing my eye to heal. Laying there bored out of my mind I thought back to my childhood listening to the radio adaptation of Star Wars on NPR, wishing I had something like that to listen to. Somehow I came across Live365 and my eyes were opened - literally. My wife bought me an Ipod and I began to download with a vengence. Old Time radio, Science Fiction, Sherlock Holmes, Vincent Price, Colonial Radio Theater...if it had a good story I was listening. But quality Audio Theater wasn't always easy to find. I couldn't understand why Theater of the mind had fallen out of favor especially in America. Everyone has an Ipod or Mp3 player, we spend more time in cars than ever before. It was time to bring Audio theater back to the masses...Twilight Audio Theater was born! With this station I will try to play at least 10 hours of different audio theater each week, and I hope to bring some new productions also. I am happy to announce that Jerry Robbins of the Colonial Radio Theater(CRT), has given me permission to play two episodes of their epic western series Powder River every week. I will try and keep the station flush with exciting audio theater, and I welcome comments and suggestions. Please drop us a line at the shout out box on our station page. Thanks for listening, Neil Gustin

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