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punk music online from On the Edge - UK Punk on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Hawklord
Location: Frimley, United Kingdom

MSN: rock3radio@hotmail.c
Only the oppressors need guns.. I piss on them all The music on this Station is the True Spirit of Punk, the youth that was "not going to take it anymore". The Time had come to Demand our rights, to ask WHY ,and to refuse the position that society tries to force us into. We questioned the role of Religion We questioned authority We Refused to accept blind obedience to fascism and all authoritarian demands placed on us. we are NOT workers or cannon fodder, We are Individuals and we have a choice to accept or decline. It's not the music thats important but the WORDS. Be Free
Favorite Artists

Sex pistols
Not afraid to shake you up, and still rocks the nuts of a tractor

The Clash
Tell it like it is, and stuff the consequences, can still shame those in power

Lemmy loves metal but he's a punk at heart, and will fight any fight

nice boy punks who grew up to make a difference

The Jam
Punk rockers who grew up in the real world, and discovered the truth

Favorite Broadcasters

Modern Punk from around the world

Cosmic and progressive with a purpose

Fast and furious oldboys 70's rock

The latest and best of the British bands that have fire and bollacks in their pants