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hip-hop/rap music online from DNBSRECORDS RADIO on Live365 Internet Radio
Location: Long Beach, CA

DNBS RECORDS RADIO NETWORK is a World Wide Internet Radio Station that broadcast quality music and present world wide interviews. We are proud to announce the broadcast of DNBS RECORDS RADIO NETWORK on records radio. Stay tune in April 2014, for our Community Awareness Programs. Be sure to buy each Artist music on the Artist pages. Your Gifts, Contributions or Donations to DNBS RECORDS RADIO NETWORK is appreciated. You can send your donations or gifts to and use "" to send it. We thank you in advance. Sign up and become a VIP Member on DNBSRECORDS RADIO NETWORK. In the month of April 2014, we ask that you listen to "Joy" a new and upcoming artist with great vocals and uplifting sounds. "Paint Me A Boy," The newly released book by Tommie Lee White of Carbondale, ILL is now out in bookstores and available on the internet for downloads. Please be sure to purchase your copy soon. New Book Release - "You Me And EBT - Behind The Swipe" by Jahi Kweli, Author at Now available. New Music Release - Annice Graves - It's A Phd Thang, Punctuation Rules, Antonyms, Homonyms and Synonyms. Please purchase her music at Please review her videos at BigAJB is your host.
Favorite Artists

Caloge & Tonya Ni
Truely a wonderful group from Chicago that will make you move and dance to there music.

Tommie Lee White
An excellent Artist, Producer and song writer.

Louise Hicks, Author
"A Hill To Climb" An Excellent Book to purchase, read and let others know about it. Spread the word, tell a friend.

Annice Graves
It's A Phd Thang, Punctuation Rules, Antonyms, Homonyms and Synonyms. Be sure to purchase her music and video's.

New Artist with great vocals and uplifting music now airing on DNBSRECORDS RADIO NETWORK. Be sure to listen and rate her music.

Favorite Albums

C. Brown - L.B.C., New Artist
New Artist from the L.B.C., Listen and enjoy his sounds.

Jahi Kweli - Author
Author of "You Me And EBT - Behind The Swipe." Book is now available at

Louise Hicks - Author
Author of "A Hill To Climb."

BigAJB - records radio
Listen, become a fan and sign up for VIP Membership.

Long Beach Southernairs (USA) - Long Beach, California
Still Standing Tall, He's Blessing Me. Now aring on radio.

Favorite Broadcasters

The best in music and entertainment on internet radio world wide.

BigAJB records radio. Become a VIP Member.

Tommie Lee White
Be sure to purchase "Paint Me A Boy" New Book Release now available in Bookstores near you.

Kevin Amos - LMB NETWORK
Listen to "JAZZ CORNER" Every other Sunday Evening at 6:00 p.m. (p.s.t.)

Louise Hicks
Aimed 2 Purpose, author of "A Hill To Climb," Book now available to purchase at Book Stores.

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