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DJ: dj.henri
Location: New Kinshasa, NY

AIM: botondi
Favorite Artists

Kanda Bongo Man
He is Soukous' greatest singer, with a sweet, intoxicating voice, and has created some of the most danceable tracks ever.

Les 4 Etoiles
Soukous super-group. Outstanding arrangements, super production.

Pepe Kalle
In heaven now, floating, lighter than air. A brilliant musician and arranger. Some of his music just explodes with energy.

Aurlus Mabele
Everything Aurlus touches turns to dance! Play almost any track, and your feet start moving! You just can't help it, my friend!

Soukous Stars
Led by the super low-key rhythm guitarist, Lokassa ya Mbongo, they put down some classic Soukous anthems, including the masterful, unforgettable Lagos Nights.

Favorite Albums

Pepe Kalle - Gigantafrique!
The most outstanding, and best produced, Soukous album. Some of the songs just explode out at you.

Kanda Bongo Man - Zing Zong
Nearly every song is a pure Soukous classic. If you don't fall in love with this album, you are just not a human being!

Les 4 Etoiles - Live in London
This one includes the best tracks from their first album, Les 4 Etoiles, and two great tracks from Syran Mbenza's outstanding Symbiose. You can't go wrong with this collection.

Zaiko Langa Langa - Avis de Recherche
A super, super classic, with Zaiko anthem Dede sur Mesure.

Various - Soukous Grand Circuit
You have to buy this, my friend! Almost 1 1/2 hours of Soukous dance classics that fly, including some hard-to-find artists. Simply the best among many, many Soukous collections available.

Favorite Broadcasters

Commercial-free Soukous Radio, for our dialup listeners around the world.

Soca. You wanna dance ALMOST as much as Soukous! And SOCANATION is the place.

The best of Yoruba music from Nigeria and West Africa.

Tops in Arabic groove music.

Smooth, smooth sounds from Brazil.

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