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The best little radio station that ever hit the lake shore. Nestled in the beautiful town of North Muskegon, along the west coast of Lake Michigan, Hey Radio was conceived in 2003 and came to the airwaves on Thanksgiving weekend, 2008. Built and operated solely by volunteers on a shoestring budget, we bring you the hottest Christian Heavy Alternative music available today. So edgy and fresh, we call it "The EDGE". Broadcasting on 88.9 FM, and simulcasting on a sister station 100.9, Hey Radio listeners are typically a younger, diverse, alternative group, who may range from tween-er to boomer! We were trying to reach the younger rocker with that wonderful message of grace that comes from the knowledge and belief in Jesus Christ. But, surprisingly, we found that we not only wowwed THAT crowd, but we have a faithful following of baby boomers who are looking for ROCK & ROll! Real rock, like they had back in 'the day'! They LOVE IT! Our City of Muskegon is the proud host of the nations largest, all volunteer, outdoor Christian music festival; The UNITY CHRISTIAN MUSIC FESTIVAL. This is a weekend every summer that is put on and run entirely by volunteers, from production and planning all the way down to the street sweepers and waste management. Presenting the best in contemporary Christian artists, alternative heavy weights, and even folk artists. For more information visit www.unitychristianevents.com. We noticed that the tweeners were really diggin' the scene! And they followed the artists and knew the words to every song! The bad part was that after the weekend was over.....what to do? The region has Christian rock stations available but none that were located within Muskegon county. The music coming in from neighboring counties was good...but the rest of the content was related to the cites where the signal originated from and our area seemed like more of an afterthought. So! There was a definite void in the area for the music style found at 'Unity'. The industry had no lack of artists dying to get their music played. Artists like Skillet, Pillar, Thousand Foot Krutch and all the others that could be found at the local Christian music store, but more! Artists that rarely get radio play like Demon Hunter, The Showdown, Haste the Day, August Burns Red, and that list goes on and on! They deserve to be heard. Their music was written to convey a very important message to a people group that only THEY could reach. Well, here they are, on HEY RADIO! We once heard the station described this way: There are certain people who dress a certain way, dark clothing, piercings and tattoos. And some use that as a repellent to keep others away. They go off to be alone, into their rooms, into their headphones, onto their computers, apart from the crowd in an attempt to remain unreached. Purposely slipping into the cracks of society. But our station reaches the unreachable. It's like pouring water over a a sidewalk. The water finds it's way into the cracks, filling the void, reaching the unreachable. Since the inception of HEY RADIO, we've always known that the Internet was in our future. We appreciate the folks at LIVE 365 for making this service available. Now, with a keystroke, HEY RADIO can be heard around the world! We've gone GLOBAL! So, now we've brought the music to our region with the county's only home spun Christian Rock station, and, we've bought it to the world..what's left to do? Well, in a word, PLENTY! We've got a job to do. The framework has been built. The infra-structure is in place. But, there's still a lot of fill in work. Polishing will come a lot later. But for now, we have over 6000 songs to categorize and edit. To trim and tuck, quantify and qualify. Once that's been done, the daily clocks can be better arranged and established. Until then, listen along as the station keeps getting better and better and better. The message will always remain the same. John 3:16 baby! Believe and RECIEVE!

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Muskegon Michigan's only Christian Rock Radio. Conceived of in 2003 and finally on the air in 2008 Hey Radio, 88.9 FM was built to fill a void. Fully built and operated by dedicated volunteers who realize that there's no greater calling than to glorify and honor the name of Jesus Christ. This is NOT your parents radio! When you want the best in cutting edge Christian music, tune in 88.9 FM. You'll have all the rhythm and beat that you want without all the cussin' and innuendo that you don't want. Commercial Free and listener supported. Hey Radio strives to bring you nothin' but good tunes, lots of energy, and inspirational lyrics that will help believers and unbelievers alike.