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latin pop music online from Hola Latino Radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: holalatinoradio
Location: Birmingham, AL

In addition to playing Regional Mexican music, HOLA Latino uses Internet and AM Radio to distribute information, and to develop content for educational programs. The placement of RADIO ADS in our programing is professionally conceived not to be just words and sounds, but images and messages. We are very confident that our client’s objectives are fulfilled beyond their expectations. By advertising on HOLA Latino RADIO, your company will receive the expected positive results. Our RADIO CAMPAIGNS are not isolated intentions to promote product or services. HOLA Latino uses all media venues available to support our client’s marketing needs. With our AM RADIO promotions, your company reaches specific audiences for specific purposes. With our Internet RADIO, your company reaches the Hispanic/Latino community and beyond. Buy advertising and star your campaign today to accelerate your revenue and success.