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inspirational music online from Spike and Crown Radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: holymoleys
Location: Athens, AL

We are a husband and wife team, Barry and Denise, who want to share the power of music. We call ourselves the HolyMoleys because our last name is Moley (how ironic, huh?). We love music in general, all kinds, and through the years have acquired an extensive music library. We are very well-rounded in music, so our library includes gospel, bluegrass, hard rock, classical, reggae, pop, folk, contemporary Christian, and everything in between. We've always wanted to have a radio station that plays inspirational music, because music feeds the soul. And because of our love of music, our radio station is not the normal radio station. Instead of focusing on one genre, we focus on ALL genres of music. Anything with a message.