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heavy metal music online from KABR B-Sides Online on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: honest abe
Location: Payson, AZ

I am just a simple radio personality that is TIRED of the same 100 songs you hear on FM radio playlists. This station was created for music listener's who want to hear music that is not some station programmer's personal set list. This is why I am introducing B-sides online on KABR, All the programming is hand picked by a radio personality WHO has a better idea what people want to hear on the air vs a programmer who is just about the charts and playing what's new. B-sides will touch 80`s, 90`s and some 2000`s classic rock, hard rock and metal steering heavily towards the B-sides you have never heard from groups OR heard and just forgot about so, Take this time to listen and remember songs of a time when music was music!. I also wanted to say that the programming you hear WILL contain music you have heard before but, Once again my main goal is to hit B-sides that are uncut and unedited and will be played it its FULL entirety....Strap on....Sit back and Enjoy!.
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