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DJ: Edward
Location: Anderson, SC

I started broadcasting way back in 1960 on a homemade AM transmitter. Four glowing tubes sent my signal through an "antenna" that snaked through the attic, out a vent, tight-roped over the driveway, then attached to a giant oak tree. The station was heard up to 4 miles distant. My next door neighbor, David, and I begged, borrowed, and bought (You thought I was going to say stole) 45's from all of our friends. From an upstairs room at my house, David and I broadcasted to our high school friends in and around Westport, Connecticut.

Recently I started broadcasting on an FM transmitter. The station is Honey Creek Radio, 90.5 FM. It broadcasts to the Honey Creek Subdivision where I live. And now with Live365 I broadcast to the whole world. Awesome!

Today...I am learning how to broadcast over the internet to millions of potential listeners.

Comments or questions? Just e-mail me, Edward, at:

Thanks for your interest and thanks for listening!