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college music online from AnnapurnaLive on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: DJHowlinc
Location: 2416 Telegraph Ave BERKELEY, CA

A truly broadband (128k), broadminded musical experience from ANNAPURNA a smoke/ gift/ novelty shop that has been rolling with the times on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley since the Sixties. People know us for being open-minded, alternative, fun-loving, and free speech shouting. Our love of all music is a big part of our shop; we play everything, and loud. The music on our station is straight off what we're playing in the store at the moment. We get input from our staff, customers, friends and from the Bay Area music scene. We're always on the lookout for the brand-new, old unknowns, campy classics, the bizarre, definitive classics, and everything in between. AmoebaWeb2by1 copy