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anime music online from Geek'N Up The Night!!! II on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: IJ Dee-Vo
Location: n/a

Originally imprisioned in a mental institution, IJ Dee-Vo found his chance for freedom during the annual fumigation of the hospital for lemurs. He became a security gaurd and bought a three walled shack with a partial roof which immidiatly fell through a sink hole the moment he moved in , where he discovered an abondoned missle silo. One night at work he was abducted by aliens, and after three hours of ineffective probing by their intern, he was given the mission to deliver onto the world the best music he could get his hands on. Even though the aliens returned him with a note excusing his abscence, he was still fired from his post and now milks rats for the puplic schools milk supply on the side. "Sanity is a one trick poney with that trick being rational thought. When you're good and crazy the sky's the limit." The Tick from "The Tick"