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I've been in love with music and radio since I was 9 (back in the '60s). When I was 12 my parents bought me a cassette tape recorder (They were brand new then) and the first thing I did was pretend I was a dj. Although my broadcast is about "Progressive Rock", I love all types of music, leaning towards things that rock.

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In the 70's I was lucky enough to be a part of a great college radio station: KCR @ San Diego State U. I learned all about progressive rock and progressive radio. In fact, I spent so much time at the station that 30 years later, I can tell you the names of many people at the station, but don't ask me to name a classmate in the area I received my degree (Business). So... This stream attempts to re-create the sound of those times. Album cuts, instead of hits, great progressive music from around the world, with a focus on the progressive/folk rock coming from the British Isles. I love receiving email about music/radio, so feel free to write and tell me what you think. And visit my website for info on all of the bands I broadcast: From Alquin to Kate Bush to Van der Graaf Generator, with plenty of Genesis, King Crimson, Strawbs and Camel.