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comedy music online from iRadioChicago Comedy on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: iradiochicago2
Location: Chicago, IL

iRadioChicago plays Full Stand Up Comedy Concerts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our concerts are always uncut and unedited so you the listener can enjoy the full show....not just bits and pieces. Thanks for listening and enjoy our web site at
Favorite Artists

George Carlin
The Best...

Richard Pryor
70S and 80S comedy at its best...

Eddie Murphy
Skits that you will never forget...

Jerry Seinfeld
How does he think of that stuff...

Robert Schimmel
Oh yea this stuff is funny...

Favorite Albums

Lewis Black - The White Album
And we thought we had issues.....

Chris Rock - Bigger and Blacker
Tells it like it is.

George Carlin - Complaints & Greievances
The all time master of comedy.

Richard Pryor - Richard Pryor: Live in Concert
Another legend and all time classic album

Jerry Seinfeld - I'm Telling You
Listen to what a man can think up when he has endless amounts of time on his hands and an active imagination.

Favorite Broadcasters

Oldies Yea

Our Buddies! And the best Rock!!!

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