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DJ: Eric Stone
Location: Destin, FL

Eric Stone is a sailor, singer, songwriter and scuba diver. His songs reflect the lifestyle of the islands and dreams of running away to paradise. He was born in Texas and has lived many places including Hawaii and Florida. His songs are found in many boats cd players all over the world. So listen up and take your own Dream Vacation.
Favorite Artists

Jimmy Buffett
Great storyteller.

Bob Marley

The Refreshments
Idiot Savants.

Yothu Yindi
Awesome mix of Australian Aborigine and British Pop.

Willie K
Great Vocalalist and songwriter.

Favorite Broadcasters

Eric Stone
Eric Stone is not only an popular songwriter and recording artist but also a champion for independant music. He has produced 3 CDs for the very popular national magazine Latitudes & Attitudes and plans on doing 9 more. All CD's feature indy artists. Visit his own website at If you are an indy artist and have music related to sailing or beach/island lifestyle then contact Eric for possible use of your song on an upcoming Lats & Atts compilation. You may also sell your musi con his new indy music site launching in February 2006.

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