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  • Palo Alto, CA
  • 70s
  • 6 years on Live365

More than eighteen hours of no-repeats classic rock and Top 40 pop, along with some soul, funk, disco, and new wave, plus a few one-hit wonders/blunders, all released between September of 1975 and June of 1979.

About paul k.

Formerly the Class of '79 Reunion Mix, the Class of '79 Mixperience™ was inspired by my 30 year high school reunion of June 19/20, 2009, and especially by the personal project of one of my former classmates to put together a commemorative CD set composed of each alum's most memorable song of 1979. (Thanks, Suzy!)

The station began airing about a week and a half before the reunion. I originally planned to keep it going for only one month, Live365's minimum required broadcast period. But soon after I began broadcasting, the Live365 stats for the station showed that it was really taking off, due in no small measure to a good friend and fellow alum publicizing the station on his Facebook page. (Thanks, Dodd!)

The reach of the station now extends way beyond its initially intended listenership, so that what began as a month-long project to entertain a few dozen former classmates has since taken on a life of its own, with listeners from around the world tuning in. As long as people continue to enjoy the broadcast, and as long as I can afford the time to maintain the station, the Class of '79 Mixperience™ will keep streaming. Thanks for listening!

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Note: On January 20, 2010, I will be closing my Live365 broadcasting account. After that date, Live365 will continue to stream the Class of '79 Mixperience™ for an unknown period of time at its own discretion, possibly as a VIP Only station.

Thanks for sharing this experience with me and for supporting the station by pushing it up the charts and keeping it there. Within a month and a half of the station's initial air date, you catapulted the station from #176 to #15 in the '70s category on Live365, and since then, you've kept the station solidly within the top 15 '70s stations on the site. I've especially appreciated the emails I've received over the past few months giving me the "thumbs up" for the station or letting me know how many great memories the tunes have brought back. It's been a fun ride. Thanks for listening!


Inspired by the occasion of my 30 year high school reunion, this broadcast spans all four years of the high school experience for the class of 1979. The playlist works both sides of the '70s radio dial, from the Top 40 pop of AM to the album oriented rock of FM, as well as a variety of other styles that graced the airwaves, dance floors, clubs, and concert venues of the day. Here, Donna Summer shares the last dance with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Elvis Costello pumps it up with Parliament, Peaches & Herb reunite with the Bay City Rollers, and the Ramones get sedated with Neil Sedaka. You'll hear both the most instantly recognizable one-hit wonders and the occasional deeper album track by a familiar artist or group of the time. Also, to keep the station sounding fresh, I occasionally add songs or rework the order, so be sure to check back to catch the latest version of the playlist.

So tune into the days before iPods, before satellite radio, before CDs, before MTV, and...Let's do the Time Warp again! (You say there's a new portable audio device about to hit the stores, something that you'll be able to clip onto yourself and that will allow you to listen to your own music while you work out, go jogging, or clean up around the house, and it's called...a "Walkman"? Cool! ;-) )

Enjoy the mix and the memories! Comments are welcome at "-at-" to "@".)