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power pop music online from Power Pop Guitars CFSB on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: janglepop
Location: Decatur, GA

AIM: bickeltom
I have collected records (now CDs) since age 13 in 1976 - starting with soul, disco and stadium rock, moving towards alternative music in the 80's and honing in on Power Pop in the 90's.

There is no conventional radio station in all of America that comes close to meeting my listening needs - hence the creation of my own format here.

My goal is to build the most comprehensive collection of consistently good guitar power pop tracks on Live365. I'm always on the hunt for new talent of quality that fits the format...if you have suggestions drop me a line!

check out my web page and for info on artists on the station! Also, now on facebook by searching "Power Pop Guitaers CFSB"...

Favorite Artists

the Deal
My personal favorite 80's power pop band from Charlottesville, VA - soon to release a CD retrospective on Not Lame Records.

the Beatles
Still the benchmark after 35 years

Big Star
The definition of "chiming" guitars - they were the best band that never was in the 70's.

Female fronted dream pop from San Francisco!

We Were Promised Jetpacks
My new faves - up and coming band of Scottish kids...check em out!

Favorite Albums

The Deal - Goodbye September
This material is now available to the public on iTunes, Amazon, etc

The Beatles - Revolver
1966 was their peak...better songs than Sgt Pepper's...

Big Star - 1 Record/Radio City
Deserved to be a huge hit in 1974...

The Rosenbergs - Mission: You
Deserved to be a huge hit in 2001... Looking forward to the follow-up due any day now...

REM - Murmur
Deserved to be a huge hit in 1983...

Favorite Broadcasters

I am he...

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