DJ Profile
electronic/dance music online from 24/7 PARTY - THE BEAT! on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: jarhead DJ/VJ
Location: Orlando, FL

Jarhead DJ, a.k.a. Allen Moore, is a former Marine and former radio DJ. He currently operates 24/7 Party - The BEAT on Live 365. (See video of events by searching "jarheaddj" on - Availabe in Central Florida for live bookings at Class Reunions, Parties, Weddings, Restaurants, Conventions, Social Organizations, Receptions, in-store promotions, etc. Specializes in high energy dance club music videos. Also, has Top-40 music videos from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s. Reasonable rates: "A VJ for the same price as a DJ." (Lighting by American DJ and Chauvet) (80 inch widescreen or 8 by 11 foot rear-projection video provided or we can wirelessly connect to your in-house club, restaurant, or event venue video system). MORE INFO and booking info at
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