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alternative music online from Generation 80s RetroRadio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Java Jane
Location: NYC, NY

It all started 20 years ago, and a life long passion for music...from college radio and underground clubs in NYC and Metro area, also living in Europe and Spain's Costa del Sol, to a stint in Southern California during the height of the 80's club and music scene. This music was my sound track to the carefree 80s and early 90s.

This station was programed to recall and relive some of the best and most memorable times of my life and to the Classic Alternative stations and places that played the music at the time. For me, these 80's tunes bring to life the people, places, clubs and craziness associated with those times and I hope they do for you too. If you did not experience "The Big 80s" I hope you have discovered some new music to love. The song that was the inspiration behind the station is one of my all time favorites...B-Movie's "Nowhere Girl" which is a regular in my playlists.

This is a special tribute to my long time "alternative club buddies", many of whom I'm still friends with today, from Long Beach, CA's long defunct 80's incarnation of EL PASO CANTINA to Bentley's, Osko's, Huntington R.O.

My music taste is totally eclectic, with Classic Alternative my first love, but I regularly listen to current alternative rock, 90s Alternative, Hair Metal and Classic Rock. Check out my LAST.FM profile, which is Generation80s for more. Don't be afraid to friend me, I love discovering new music and making new friends!

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