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I'm the Station Manager at 88.1 WHOV Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia and author of "Wisdom From The Jazzman" available at Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, Kindle, Nook, Apple I-Store, Sony E-Store, Powell Books and to name a few. Find Out More at I created Smooth Jazz America after the demise of WJZW Smooth Jazz 105.9 in Washington, DC. As host of the Lights Out Washington night show in DC we shared some great moments together. This is a fantastic new journey. The music I play here is the music I love. Hopefully you'll love them too. I take musical chances and expose songs I could never play on FM radio, not because they weren't good but because they weren't on the playlist, we just didn't have the room, were subject to politics or maybe they didn't test well. Test or no test I promise to give you the greatest music our genre has to offer. If it's good and moves your soul, I'm playing it. So pass the word for me...The best is yet to come. Please feel free to email me at with your comments. To find out more about our broadcast, celebrity interviews, Smooth Jazz news, upcoming Smooth Jazz America events & concerts, how to become a VIP supporter of our broadcast, and our specialty programming, visit us on the Web now at Sign Our Guestbook. Vote on our your favorite songs. That way YOU decide what stays or goes. Please consider becoming a VIP Member! It helps us pay the station bills, finances our broadcasting and keeps us on the air around the world! Above All Else, Just Enjoy the Ride! Thanks For listening! This is the music that makes you bob your head, pat your feet, snap your fingers, move your neck and shoulders as you rock from side to side. The SJA groove is nice, upbeat, sophisticated and smooth. Feel Me? Chill and Enjoy The Groove! Peace and Many Blessings. Jay Lang

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Hello World! Stay up to date with concerts, Smooth Jazz News and communiicate with me 24/7 at I'm currently Station Manager at 88.1 WHOV Hampton University,the host of "Lights Out" world wide via I-Heart Radio, 7pm to Midnight on WHOV and on the air in Washington DC part-time at legendary Howard University powerhouse 96.3 WHUR. Here my show live at! In addition I'm also the author of "Wisdom From The Jazzman" available at booksellers worldwide including Barnes & Noble, Books A Million and Find out more at This is a time of refreshing for Smooth Jazz America and we're really excited about it. So keep spreading the word about us to your friends, associates and family. Drop me a line at So gas up the ride, pop the top on life and let's cruise. Music is my mistress. Roses, Peace And God's Many Blessings! Jay Lang