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JazzNet247 Radio Europe plays an ALTERNATIVE MENU of Smooth, Vocal and Brazilian Music on our weekly STREETJAZZ Show which tops our NATIONAL INTERNET JAZZ CHARTS. Also available for Phones, Tablets & Androids. Learn more - www.agmami.com/jazznet247

About wes george

What is the Jazz Network (JazzNet247.com) Project all about ?

Being one of the most established internet radio stations ( since 1999 ) we have a loyal following from all four corners of the world each week, we believe that we are a useful cog in the marketing mix of any artist or label.

Our project is designed to increase the popularity and revenues of the jazz genre and to showcase the musicians who continue this great musical art form. It is very difficult to stand out in a very crowded 'I want it instantly' world, we believe the sum of the whole is stronger than the individual components and that by working together we can eventually be heard by a new audience.

Our shows have topped our National Internet Jazz Charts for more than 300 weeks which have exposed artists to thousands of new listeners who would not normally have heard their music on the typical commercial radio networks.

JazzNet247 Radio and our marquee show STREETJAZZ are an established brand and are serviced daily by the major labels, servicing agents and indie artists worldwide.

First and foremost, personally we play music to make people happy, it may be introducing them to a new artist or title or playing a memory from yesterday.

Music has a way of transcending time and reliving not only the memory of the song, but where you were at the time it was current and with whom. It has a way of bringing people together and often as not, offering a warmth, hope and an outlet to the reality of everyday life and the stress and sadness it sometimes brings.

The Beatles sang :- ' All you need is love ' and that's about it in this life.

We've always tried to support the music of the indie artists and labels and offer the listeners an alternative menu of music to listen to, we don't see the point of playing the same tracks as all the large commercial stations who do it much slicker and better with their large budgets.

Our main STREETJAZZ show features all the newest releases each week courtesy of the wonderful servicing agents and the highest Groove Jazz Chart climbers and tracks bubbling under the charts and the cream of the indie artists and labels. We also have all of the major new releases.

We are indebted to Bill Cason from Shanachie Records, Casey Silcock from the Universal Music Group, Lisa Sonkin from Sony Music, Jason Gorov, Adam Leibovitz, Lynn Lyons, Funky Juice in Italy, Ishtar / Schema Records and other labels and all the indie artists for servicing us with music to feature on the shows.

As well as trying to help the Jazz Genre for almost 20 years, we also help the disabled and elderly in our local region and do work for charities in Sri Lanka helping the people of that country after the tsunami in 2005. We also do charity work for a church in London who helps the homeless and underprivileged.

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