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This is something that I just know you will like. After seeing Julius Harris on the SAG Awards, it made me think again of this story. When I was working the show “The Sty of the Blind Pig." I had become very close to Adolph and the cast. After most shows we (Adolph and I) would go back to his place and play three games of chess. I met his family and we would drink Grenache’ Roses wine till 3 in the morning. He kind of took me under his wing. Therefore, during the run of the play things happen sometimes when an actor may have to leave the production for some performances. You understand this. Therefore, during the run of this play Moses Gunn had to leave the production for a week to film the movie “The Hot Rocks.” Julies Harris was Moses understudy and he was not prepared. So, after his Tuesday night performance in which he was just terrible. Doug had the cast come in for 2:00p call to help him. There was nothing said and all agreed. This 2:00p call when on all week. The man got so bad he was on stage at the call with a cassette recorder to help him remember his lines. Adolph had said to me that, “the man made the play just plain old work.” Now you and I both know that an understudy is dying for his or her role to “break a leg” so they could get that one break. Now, I guess you could say at this point we all were just a little happy to have Moses back for the Tuesday night performance. Now, Adolph which surprised me in a way had said just a little to loud to Moses in front of his (Adolph) dressing room curtain,” Glad to have you back blue” Julius now showed up that night and had been in that hall outside the dressing area, you remember the layout. He overheard Adolph and when into one generous titrate of “ You all are just a bunch of no-talent actors and you all can go to hell” He was saying this over and over and 45 minutes before curtain. Now, I am in Adolph’s dressing area playing our usual game of chess. Every night I would watch him (Adolph) go from say a 35 year old to a 70 year old retired hustler, pimp (Doc). I think this night he stopped at 36. He, in his underwear jumped up and flung the curtain open and announced to the world and us “I’ll show you who’s a no talent actor.” So at this point it turn into elbows and chicken feathers. I am trying to hold back little Adolph from Julius and (he) from Adolph because at the time, I was the only male that was backstage at the time and Moses was not having any of it, he stated “Hurt my body over this foolishness” Frances and Clarisse were both a gassed. The harangue went down the hall, into the lobby, and almost down the stairs. Now all this time Adolph’s in his underwear, the audience is in the lobby waiting to be seated, they ran half way in the house, and there’s Adolph and I in his underwear in the lobby. Doug is out of his office and almost blames me for the whole thing. I got control of Caesar and told him he “was in the lobby” and I had to fight with him to get him backstage. Doug is asking,” what’s going on here and we have a show to do.” Julies leaves the theater, Adolph and I are backstage Frances, Clarisse and Moses are at places, Horacena is in the booth, I’m now at the light board ….Queue one go. The show must (will) go on... but were in the theater? (Very Funny)
Favorite Artists

Kenny Garrett
Great contemporary of the times..nails the music to a statement The notes have words.

Kenny Barron
I just can get enough....what a touch.

Charles Mingus
Definally benenth the much fire.

Esperanza Spalding
So young...So talented...So beautiful & has paid the dues

Curtis Lundy
I feel that he has lived the music..very expressive a true leader.

Favorite Broadcasters

Mr. Radio
A good friend and the best broadcaster of Smooth Jazz on Live365..Rat-On.

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