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DJ: jb97ypr
Location: Danville, VA

YAHOO: jmbohannon
I got involved in radio on September 1970. Still in school, I visited that local radio station a lot. Finally, in July 1975 they put me on the payroll. I was a part-timer working on the board as well as Public Service and Enigineering. I continued the board work and in 1977 I was Assistant Engineer. In September 1981 still with on air work, I was promoted to Chief Engineer/Chief Operator. I still was Public Service Director. I think I did almost everything but sales at the station. I worked at WYPR Radio from September 1970 to September 1982. It was nicknamed "The Big 97" and "Whipper Radio". In 1982, they switched the station to WVOV Radio where I worked from September 1982 to March 31, 1985. That was called "VOV97" or the "Voice of Virginia 97". I currently work in broadcast as a consultant and work in electronics and some computer work as well.