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love/romance music online from The Johnny Angel Show on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: john
Location: Levittown, NY

AIM: jboscolev
I am a retired Librarian, teacher, writer, and lover of the arts, particularly music. A good tune can change your mood, inspire an action, soften your feelings, lower whatever anger you feel, and in some cases save your life. There is a reason why music is so powerful. It is at the root of the human soul, and as Abba so aptly put it "Without a Song or a Dance What Are We?"
Favorite Artists

The Carpenters
The most lovely and beautiful voice of 2 centuries still unmatched. Entire Carpenters Catalog will eventually be heard.

Something about art-rock personified in their wonderful melodies which makes their music timeless/

Doris Day
Other than Karen Carpenter, the most resilient and lovely voice to grace 2 centuries.

Bee Gees
Their timeless recordings, beat and lyrics will live forever

Susan Boyle
In terms of goose-bump capability, this cross-over classical artist has no peer.

Favorite Albums

Now and Then - Carpenters
Wonderful renditions of old songs including Johnny Angel which I am partial too

Out of the Blue - E.L.O.
Classic 2 disc masterpiece of rhythm and melody

Doris Day's Greatest Hits - Doris Day
Listen and then go to sleep. You will never have nightmares

Jive Talking - Bee-Gees
the 2 cd set that became the voice of 70s disco - pop

Any Album - Susan Boyle
Her first break-thru classic which smashes pop conventions and so begins the classical pop movement

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