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The best in Pop, Mellow Rock, Classical and Classical Crossover, Country, Jazz, Soundtrack Instrumentals. Show Tunes, Pop Vocals, Classical Crossover, and Light Orchestral Arrangements playing the great melodies of the last two centuries and today.

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I am a retired Librarian, teacher, writer, and lover of the arts, particularly music. A good tune can change your mood, inspire an action, soften your feelings, lower whatever anger you feel, and in some cases save your life. There is a reason why music is so powerful. It is at the root of the human soul, and as Abba so aptly put it "Without a Song or a Dance What Are We?"

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THIS IS THE JOHNNY ANGEL SHOW - YOUR SURPRISE STATION If you were born in the 40s(1946) for me) and you grew up with Bing Crosby, the Beatles, the Bee Gees and beyond to today, then you just might like this station. This is an easy listening station, but it also rocks and grooves at times. If you like music of all kinds, this is for you. I Play Pop vocals & Instrumentals from all genres from Classical Crossover to Modern Rock. Includes Jazz stylists, Folk, Soundtracks from film, Modern Pop, Oldies, Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, Swing, Classical,Jazz,Country, R&B, Older Vintage Vocalists, Opera, Dance Pop, and even Children's' tunes. Christmas songs might be heard in the middle of July. You never know what you will hear next. In short EVERYTHING. The most important quality for me in a song or a piece of music is its irresistible "hook" ; that special moment that makes a piece of music your own, that irrepressible feeling of joy, drama, or pathos that transfixes you during the time you listen. Many of my selections are recognizable, and many will be from unheard deep album cuts The range of music is from the twelfth century to today. Be prepared to hear Katherine Jenkins one minute and Lady Gaga the next. I hope you enjoy the eclectic nature of this station. Let me know how you like it. New music is uploaded daily. 20 new tracks will be added and 20 older tracks deleted daily. A full 5 hours plus of music will be turned over each week. I will also broadcast songs, however good or bad, which feature a man or woman's name. Selected instrumentals will be dispersed throughout the programming mostly from big bands,jazz, great orchestras, and original film soundtracks Thanks for listening......Please write me at if you like what I am doing.......God bless you all.