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contemporary country music online from Spirit Country Radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: joe brashier (my dog buddy)
Location: South Bend, IN

AIM: Joe Brashier
Spirit Country Radio invites you to listen to our inspirational Country music and the following programs (all times are eastern US): NEW! NEW! Starting Saturday May 5 at 11:30AM & 11:30PM This Day Ministries with Jon Couch! NOW AIRING DR JAMES DOBSON'S FAMILY TALK! MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY AT 11AM, 5PM AND 11PM ON SPIRIT COUNTRY RADIO Moments in Bible Prophecy - Ray Shockley Mon.-Fri. 10:00AM, 4:00PM, 10:00PM. Tell The World Ministries - Horace Bridges Mon.-Fri.10:15AM, 4:15PM and 10:15PM Lifetime Commentary - A D Sturm Mon.-Fri. 10:50AM, 4:50PM, 10:50PM Family Talk - James Dobson Mon.-Sat. 11AM, 5PM, 11PM New Life - Pas. Ron Gorsuch Saturdays 10-10:30AM, 4-4:30PM, 10-10:30PM Lifetime Commentary - A D Aturm Sat.10:50AM, 4:50PM, 10:50PM Family Talk - James Dobson Sat. 11AM, 5PM, 11AM This Day Ministries - Jon Couch Sat. 11:30AM, 5:30PM, 11:30PM Gospel Doings - Bruce Cutler Sundays 10-11AM, 4-5PM, 10-11PM All others times 24/7 are the BEST IN INSPIRATIONAL COUNTRY MUSIC! I am Joe Brashier. I have worked in radio and Christian Radio for over 30 years in AM, FM and shortwave radio. I am a professional member of the CCMA (Christian Country Music Association). Spirit Country Radio is a life long fulfillment of a vision God gave me when I graduated from Brown Institute for Broadcasting Minneapolis, MN. in 1977. My prayer is that people will enjoy the Christian and Family Country Music and tell their friend. I also pray that through this music that people will come to a closer walk with Jesus and the lost will find salvation in Jesus. We will be presenting a few teaching programs all 7 days and they will be grouped together. This will allow God's Word to get out and help us pay our bills to stay on the air. We look forward to hearing from people who listen and meeting them someday after the Rapture of the church if not before. More information on Inspirational Country is available at our web site and at the Christian Country Music Association's web site at God's best to you! Joe Brashier