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house music online from 169 vocal house on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: djtress
Location: rio de janeiro, Brazil

AIM: john
I am a person who loves the life and to each new day I look for to live the life with more pleasure, affection, care, not with me only, but with my family, my friends, who work, and people in general that in they encircle them in our day to the day. I believe free will and therefore I find that we can and we must give attention to any person, as we would like to be treated, with this, we can be happy in such a way with what we receive as with what we can give. I look for to follow my heart and my instincts to take decisions and find that to long of mine the 45 years I have much more profits of that losses and thus I obtained to initiate 169 vocal house and I feel myself happy to know that people are hearing the type of music that I love in any place world and that as music he is universal I I would very like that one day the peace and the fraternity between the people and the peoples was also, debtor.