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downtempo music online from Tactical Tranquility on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: jeff_p
Location: La Jolla, CA

AIM: jeffsdsf
Now with 43 (forty-three) hours of content on the broadcast.

Like many people, I've always enjoyed listening to downtempo. While living in London in 1993/1994 I was fortunate to witness the early days of Gilles Petersen's "That's How It Is" at Bar Rhumba and explore the scene in its nascent stages.

Please help me make sense of my collection by listening frequently. Also, I really enjoy hearing from listeners and discussing music. Drop me a line if there's anything you would like to hear more of...

Favorite Artists

Nightmares on Wax
Nightmares On Wax brings a brilliant mixture of hip hop and soul to downtempo.

An eccentric musical duo with a knack for the unusual. Love 'em.

Minus 8
One of my all-time favorite artists.

DJ Cam
While definately more hip-hop influenced than others... Cam has a unique style to his own.

J. Boogie Dubtronic Science
Super talented San Francisco-based musician/DJ.

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