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Like having the world's greatest music collection...without having to get up and change the CD! If you enjoy the greatest hits of the 60s, 70s, 80s and'll love CLASSIC HITS ONLINE!!!

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Hello everybody...thanks for checking out CLASSIC HITS ONLINE! When I first started this station, my intention wasn't just to program some 'run-of-the-mill oldies station' that plays the same 200 songs over and over again. (There's plenty of stations out there that do that, anyway). What I was hoping to achieve was to build a station that plays "not just great music from one or two decades, but great music from a whole bunch of decades!" (To borrow a line from one of my station ID's). And yes, that is me that you hear in those station ID's. I think it gives the station a more personal feel to have a nice warm voice in between the songs. As I've said before, I think there should be more to a station than just uploading your personal music library. (Without any voice in between, it would just sound like somebody's iPod...and if you're going to listen to an iPod, wouldn't you rather just listen to your own iPod with your own music on it instead?) Apparently, people around the world seem to agree, because I've seen my listenership rise to the levels that most internet stations take about 4 or 5 years to achieve. And to that, I say..."Thank you, Dear Listeners!" For those of you who haven't checked out CLASSIC HITS ONLINE as of yet...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Hit the play button, and get your fill of "The greatest hits of all time!" All the best...Paul Jeffries

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