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power pop music online from Pop That Goes Crunch! on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Jeffrey R.
Location: San Francisco, CA


My earliest music recollection was combing through my parents' big red box of 45s in the late-60s, and spinning them on a "record player in a suitcase." The yellow and orange Capitol Records swirl on those many Beatles records became permanently etched in my mind, along with the music. By the late-70s, the music became all about the punk/new wave scene. That was then followed by the college radio world of the 80s, and everything that grew from it.

This station takes those strands of music history (and throws in a couple of earlier trailblazers) and carries them forward to the present to create a mix of seven decades of the best melodic rock and roll on the planet.

That means you will hear a mix of a whole bunch of stuff -- Power Pop, New Wave, punk rock, Indie Rock, lo-fi, British Invasion, Garage Rock, Psychedelic, West Coast Pop, Baroque Pop, Chamber Pop and Brit Pop. There are probably some that I left out, but that's a pretty representative slice of life here at Pop That Goes Crunch!

Favorite Artists

Big Star
All roads perhaps lead to and from Big Star.

The Replacements
Taking a road from Big Star, and veering left.

Bottling up virtually every genre played on this station.

Elvis Costello
The gold standard back in the day.

Favorite Broadcasters

All Power Pop, all of the time.

An adventurous mix that travels far off the grid.

More non-stop Power Pop.

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