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Raised on radio. The name of my station, PMBR, is based on my kindergarten days when my Dad would drive me to school and I would yell from the back seat, "Dad, Push The Middle Button" which in Dad's Red Datsun was WABC in New York. I graduated to WNBC then to WPLJ, WPIX, 99X and WNEW with some education from WDHA and WSOU. My two favorite NYC DJ's are Carol Miller and Pat St. John. My music collection currently consists of 1700 CD's and 25K of songs. All of them purchased. My genre of choice is rock, mainly from 1967-1985. But it doesn't end there. I grew up with Kiss and went through my teen years with Maiden, Priest, etc. I love all types of music and if it fits into my playlist it will get played. The toughest thing for me to do is list my favorite bands, songs, albums, etc. Today could be vastly different from yesterday and will definitely change tomorrow. PMBradio is all about great music without boundaries (well, maybe one or two). PMBradio is for the true lover of Rock who is looking for more than the same two songs from Thin Lizzy. If you haven’t heard the song before, that makes it new. Having access to over 20,000 songs (all paid for) gives me the flexibility to reach deep into the depths of my library to bring a unique radio station. Yeah, I can easily choose 100 songs and hit random but that is not what PMBradio is about. PMBradio is a progression that begins with one song and takes you on a long strange trip. Along the voyage there will be Themed Sets, Years in Rock, Rock Family Trees, Under the Covers, “Last Track”: tracks from great albums that were the last song, “Out of the Sleeve”: the first song from a great album, and other fun stuff I make up as I go along. I want the listener to wonder what song will come next and why. Sometimes it is obvious to the listener, sometimes it is obvious only to me. It may have to do with my mood, the feeling of the song, anything, but it is something. And just because I use the back-wall of my music collection, doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for the stuff from the front-wall. PMBradio isn’t a Stairway free zone, when it needs to be played it will. PMBradio redefines what a good radio station should be, it is meant to have fun and rock out, regardless of what bucket an artist has been thrown into by the mainstream. Yes, it is OK to play The Stones and Iron Maiden on the same station and I do. So please listen and enjoy and if you have no clue why I played a certain song, email mail you and I will make something up.

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PMBradio is a unique blend of great music out of the Classic Rock world. Everything from Garage Rock, Prog-Rock, Psycedelic, Hard Rock, Punk, and many other styles under the sun. Every song played on PMBradio is handpicked as I try to put together the best blend of rarities, hits, and second level songs from the groups that made the Classic Rock genre so great. PMBradio is constantly updating its library of great music, focusing on those groups that for whatever reason, just didn’t make the cut on mainstream radio. Please take a listen and drop me a note, let me know how I am doing and what you want to hear. PMBradio –Where it All Comes Together. Follow PMBR on Facebook