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DJ: jay grandmont
Location: Buzzards Bay, MA

YAHOO: jgrandmont
My love for rock & roll can be traced back to when I was an adolescent watching the Beatles' first appearance on American TV. From then on, I was hooked and would listen to Top 40 AM radio stations every chance I got. Back then Top 40 was a mix of everything from soul to Merseybeat, country to R&B, folk to bubblegum, and everything in between. Later, as a young teen, I discovered album-oriented rock (AOR) on FM radio, which taught me that great songs don't always have to be Top 40 hits.

In the beginning, I began collecting those great Top 40 hits on 45 rpm singles, adding vinyl albums to my collection when I began listening to AOR. In the mid-80s, when it became apparent that vinyl was being phased out, I switched to compact discs. Now I buy most of my music in digital format. My record collection numbers well into the thousands.

I've worked as a part-time DJ and producer in both community and commercial FM radio and also worked as a free-lance DJ doing weddings, parties, dances, etc. I'm currently working part-time for a commercial FM station as a board operator and doing news and weather reports.

It's been a life-long dream to have my own radio station and has provided a way for me, at least on a very small level, to achieve that.

Favorite Albums

The Who - Who's Next
The Who's best record ever. Released 1971.

George Harrison - All Things Must Pass
My favorite album by my favorite Beatle. Released 1971.

Boston - Boston
Characterized by leader Tom Sholz as "power guitars, harmony vocals, and double-guitar leads", it was one of the best rock albums of the mid-70s. Released 1976.

Nick Lowe - Pure Pop for Now People
The album title says it all. Released 1978.

Pat McGee Band - Shine
Combine Bruce Hornsby with Dave Matthews, add even stronger melodies, and you get the PMB. Released 2000.

Favorite Broadcasters