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A LOOK FROM BELOW AT THE UNDERBELLY OF MUSIC™ ... (e.g. Hank Sr.;Social D;Johnny Cash;Forgotten Rebels;Hank III;Black Flag;Wayne Hancock;Yellow Plastic Bucket;Stompin' Tom;Stranglers; Hokkigai;Spade Brewley;Louvin Brothers;The Sauroids;The Nils;Mr Stiff)

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... former gravedigger ... current producer of punk rock, country music and legal thangs...

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Our Top Ten Listener-Rated Songs For the Week Ending July 4, 2015 ----> 1. Kill the Burnouts – Neos; 2. Walk on By – The Stranglers; 3. For the Love of Hank – The Nils; 4. Tony Sanchez – The Nils; 5. Noise Addiction – Pure Hell; 6. I am a Man of Constant Sorrow – Emry Arthur; 7. Who's Gonna Take the Garbage Out? – Loretta Lynn; 8. Rewind – TV Freaks; 9. Hard Action – Pure Hell; and 10. The Way I Walk – The Cramps.