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A Real Oldies Station! All the classics and all those songs you had forgotten about. From the beginning of Rock 'n' Roll we bring you the best music for you to enjoy! We play all genres and all decades.

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My name is Jim Luis and I grew up in Oakland, California in the 50's & 60's and was the record geek that could tell you who sang what song, what year it was recorded, what was on the flip side and who wrote the song! Unfortunately I didn't pay enough attention to the record labels themselves. After spending a couple of years in college I decided I wanted to work in radio and put my knowledge to use, so I went to Chris Borden School of Radio in SF and eventually got a job in radio in a small market in Mendocino, CA. When I came back to the bay area I landed a job with Franklin Mieuli and Associates/San Francisco Warriors where I worked as an associate in the broadcast side of the Warriors and in their recording studio that was in the basement. I worked with ad agencies and oldie stations where I was involved in programming music with KYA, KLOK and KNEW. I worked with the late John Gllihand on the "Pop Chronicles of the 50's & 60's" while he worked at KSFO (and the Pop Chronicles of the 40's). I was able to work with many famous athletes in all sports and many of the local TV and radio personalities including Hank Greenwald and Bill king. After five years I moved on to KGO talk radio as a full time producer and from there I was fortunate to work with many famous people from authors to Hollywood stars. I also was the first person to ever interview Sly Stone, another alumni of Chris Borden's radio school. But my passion was always MUSIC and I have collected 45's since the early 60's and also inherited a valuable collection from a cousin in 1992. I have nearly a 1,000 CD's, 10,000 LP's in my garage and about 6,000 45's along with 35,000 plus songs on my hard drive and growing.

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