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Location: Honolulu, HI

JTM is from the San Francisco Bay Area and lived for a while in Tokyo, Japan before settling in Honolulu, HI. While JTM will eventually love to return to the mainland, Hawaii is not a bad place to live for now. It was while in Japan that JTM developed his live for Japanese J-Pop, J-Dorama and J-Movies. While both parents are Japanese, JTM didn't really have any interest in Japanese Culture before living in Tokyo. JTM loves all J-Pop but particularly favors the music from the 70s and 80s. While the idols of the time weren't as vocally proficient as some of the current idols like BoA, Utada Hikaru and Ito Yuna, their songs were definitely more memorable and diverse. Songs from Nakamori Akina, Yamaguchi Momoe, Nakayama Miho, Wink, Kikuchi Momoko etc. are still sung at Karaoke Bars and covered by current artists. In his spare time JTM loves the outdoors, jogging, exercising and travel. He loves J-Doramas from the 80s especially the "Daiei" TV dramas and 70s Cop Shows like "Seibu Keisatsu", "Taiyo Ni Hoero", "Playgirl", "Tokusousaizensen" and "G-Men '75".
Favorite Artists

Oginome Yoko
Oginome-Chan was one of the first J-Pop Idols I fell in love with during the 80s so she holds a special place in my heart. Her songs were British/Italian Synth-Pop inspired and she specialized in Hi-NRG dance-pop songs like "Dancing Hero", "Roppongi Jyunjo Ha" and "Flamingo In Paradise".

Dreams Come True
Before Utada Hikaru, BoA, Hirayama Aya and the other strong voiced pop vocalists today, there was Yoshida Miwa who was one of the first female Japanese vocalists who could actually sing (no offense to the Onyanko Club fans). Along with Bassist Masato Nakamura and Takahiro Nishikawa on keyboards they had an incredible string of hits like "Kessen Wa Kinyobi", "Eyes To Me", "Wasunaide" among others. While many like their 90s hits like "Love Love Love" I prefer there more Pop oriented songs of the late 80s.

Nakayama Miho
Actress and singer, "Miporin" was another singer who specialized in Hi-NRG songs that sounded like Italian Disco Songs like "Waku Waku Sasete Yo", "Tsuiteru Ne Noteru Ne" and "Witches". While not a powerful singer, she was able to carry a tune and had an electric presence which helped her in movies like "Be-Bop High School" and J-Dorama's like "Mama Wa Idol". Released a string of Re-Mix albums all the way up until recently.

The look-a-like duo of singers Suzuki Sachiko and Aida Shoko were the 80s answer to Pink Lady. Emotionless, almost robotic in their dance moves and singing, they none-the-less had a huge hit covering Kylie Minogue's "Turn It Into Love" and then had other hits including "Samishi Nettaigyo", "Sexy Music" and "Sexy Music".

Anzen Chitai
They were the premier J-Pop soft rock band of the 80s. With lead singer Tamaki Koji's smooth vocals they had one monster hit after another - "Wine Red No Kokoro", "Kanashimi Wa Sayonara", "Natsu No Owari No Harmony" and "Aoi Hitomi No Erisu". Their song are not only well loved in Japan but also in HK, Taiwan and other Asian countries. 70s Folk Singing legend Inoue Yosui also collaborated with the group on a number of songs.

Favorite Broadcasters

Big fan of the J1FM (Hardcore J) station and they were my inspiration to try and do something similar. They are the best JPop station on the web and their mix of JPop hits is absolutely great.

Rob Robbins
Lava Lounge is another one of my favorite stations and their blend of great New Romantic, New Wave and British Synth Pop is wonderful.