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DJ: j neo marvin
Location: San Francisco, CA

J Neo Marvin has been making music in the Bay Area for over two decades. His first band, X-tal, existed through 12 years and several incarnations, releasing seven albums and touring the US and Europe three times each. Although they never achieved anything resembling commercial success, X-tal had a small, devoted cult following, and every so often Neo runs into people who speak well of them. Neo has also made guest appearances on recordings by Barbara Manning, Ed's Redeeming Qualities, She Mob, and Bryan Harrison. Throughout the 80s and 90s, Neo wrote for Puncture magazine ("the magazine of punk culture") as well as contributing to other publications like BravEar, Snackcake, and the Bay Guardian. These days he confines his opinionated ramblings to the occasional utterance on his website and considers himself a retired rock critic. Nowadays he feeds his animal via his current bands, the Content Providers, the Experimental Bunnies, the Blame, and the Granite Countertops, and by sharing his musical obsessions on Ear Candle Radio.
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