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GET YOUR MIND RIGHT! Music is about life. Fortunately, the majority of time of most of our days is not caught-up in relationships, drugs or violence. Our lives have to do with much more; ie., school, work, family, fun, sports, activities, etc. Hence, Just Positive Lyrics Radio is the secular answer to the sex crazed, violence ridden, uncensored , socially selfish, overly commercialized, demoralizing & lyrically offensive music of mainstream radio. We’re an internet-based radio station which gives us international exposure. We are the origin of the genre of music known as PL Music (Positive Lyrics Music). Your PL-music is interwoven with other genres yet it remains a distinct & identifiable genre of it’s own. Hence We Provide: *PL R&B - PL Jazz - PL Classic Rock & Roll - PL Rap - PL Salsa - PL Caribbean *** SEE our Blog-of-Positivity at *Our website serves as a portal for current and all future PL genres. *Daily Empowerment Themes are a mainstay of our radio network. Thank you for your attention & rejoice in knowing you, your children, & your grandchildren can enjoy your music without offensive lyrics. Don't forget to see our Blog-of-Positivity at Troy B. Williams, Founder & Program Director