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Radio for folks who enjoy the music of Joss Whedon's Firefly and Serenity. Folk, Firefilk, Filk, Asian, a little Country, a little Blues, Mandarin, Soundtracks, music about space, scifi, etc. Browncoat radio! :) All part of the Firefly verse!

About Julesong

Just another music-lovin' proud Browncoat!

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Can't Take the Sky

Welcome to our little corner of internet radio! In addition to playing Firefly and Serenity music, we also play music from actors/crew of Joss Whedon works. Also good Chinese/Asian Fusion Folk music, a combination of Asian and American folk/country music.

Updated 1/17/08 - NEW MUSIC!

* From a Norwescon Whedon Singalong: Lux Lucre's "Here on Firefly"
* Firefilker Sandra Lee's: "Lay Me Down"
* Filker Cecilia Eng's: "Earth That Was"
* From "Train Job" actor Gregg Lee Henry (he played the mayor, and was in Slither): "Ain't Nothin' to It" and "Fishing for the Moon"
* A great piece by Filker Tom called I'm On Firefly... lots of fun!
* "Rich Fantasy Lives" by Rob Balder and Tom Smith
* Mary Bowerman's "To the Border
* Seanan McGuire's "Evil Laugh" and "Paper Moon"
* "Big Damn Heroes" and "Ballad of Serenity" from Emerald Rose
* Music by Bentley Ousley from the Firefly fanfilm Bellflower
* Lynn Barker, Brain Chin, and D.C. Fontana's "The Mates Who Haul Freight"
* Robin Bailey's "Never Too Old To Dream"
* Urban Tapestry's "Homecoming"
* "Overland Blues" and "My Heart Holds" from the Yoshida Brothers
* Chris Zabriskie: "Joss Whedon"
* From Vangelis: "Tales of the Furture" and "Tears in Rain" from Bladerunner
* Great Asian Fusion Folk from Atsaguma: "On Bourbon St."
* "Strange Things Happening" and "I Can't Lose" from Sonny Rhodes
* "Tianmi Bejing (Sweet Home Bejing)" from Matthew 'Cadillac' Cooper
* "South of the Border" and "April Fools" from Jonathan Woodward
* Various folk Chinese and Asian Fusion Folk
* Some winners and entries from the "Sing a Song of Saffron" songwriting contest
* Mal and Inara's dance piece from Shindig - Haydn's String Quartet in D, Op. 64 No. 5 - 1st movement - Allegro moderato, also known as "The Lark." It is included in its entirety, not just the bit that appeared in the show
* A fantastic recording of "The Sailors Wife" (aka "The Lads Of Duns"), performed by Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas. "The Sailor's Wife" is the music in River's dance
* New music by Greg Edmonson created for Sony's new game "Uncharted." We have: Uncharted Main Theme, Nate's Theme, Drake's Eulogy, A Bitter End, Sanctuary



General info:
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