DJ Profile
classic rock music online from WKAL -  ORIGINAL on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: kalazan
Location: East Brunswick, NJ

MSN: kalazan
I am just one of many people who can remember how FM radio was in the late 60's before the commercial moguls got their hands on it. This is a hobby project to help re-create those immortal days. I am also an amateur musician and guitar player with a passion for playing rock and jazz guitar that has been with me for most of my life. Not wanting to make music my source of income I turned to computers and accounting and I am now trying to re-kindle my musical pursuits . The Internet has given an outlet for new, creative and upcoming musicians and songwriters to get exposure never before possible. Mass appeal is no longer required. The Future is Now. ... For more info visit my web page at http::// and as always, Thanks for listening.
Favorite Artists

Brand X
Creative, Fast moving, John Goodsall is the best

Frank Zappa
Creative Genius

Mahavishnu Orchestra
Intense music,

Pat Metheny
Meticulously artistic

Joe Satriani/Steve Vai
Fast, very fast

Favorite Albums

Brand X - Orthodox Behavior
Broke new ground, creativity abound...

John McLaughlin - Extrapolation
Fell off my chair the first time I heard it.

Favorite Broadcasters

Robin Dean
Great original Jazz Fusion