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DJ: Kathy
Location: Orlando, FL

Kathy Ayson a.k.a. Kathy Llamas....Yes it's me! Broadcasting has been my life... Having majored in Broadcast Communications in college, I have worked in various radio stations in Manila, California and Florida. My passion has always been to share as much of my roots with the rest of the world through the medium of broadcasting and using the universal language of music. I like to listen to all types of musical genres...pop, classical, dance, R&B, name it. I can appreciate music which crosses cultural lines too like Filipino, English and Spanish. In 1995, I started broadcasting worldwide on the internet and have not stopped since. I started with a 2-hour program on WTRR Radio, a local Spanish-format radio station in Orlando which happened to dabble in internet webcasting. Nine years ago, PhilRadio International began its 24/7 broadcasts and the rest is history. My philosophy is to do whatever I enjoy and enjoy whatever I do. If you have enough passion in your life, it will shower you with contentment and financial rewards. I hope I can continue to provide the valuable service of broadcasting worldwide for as long as time allows. Having had the PhilRadio site accessed in excess of 20 million times is one of the achievements I am very proud of. Come and experience the beautiful islands of the Pacific through our music. See you "on the air" !
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Kathy Llamas
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