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DJ: rockin' kaytyone
Location: Gulkana Village, AK

AIM: Lonnie Tyone
Lonnie Tyone Maxim was born in Glennallen Alaska in the year of nineteen hundred and fifty six. Lonnie was known by all his friends as Lonnie Maxim for many years. But as time went by Lonnie found out his real name was Lonnie Tyone. Lonnie was adopted by his grandmother almost immediately after he was born and becoming Lonnie Tyone so that's who I am right now as 12/27/56. I do what I do because at an early age my grandmother knew that one day I will be doing something with music. Right now I've been playing guitar since 1970. And the 70's became a very important part of my life. So I've been fascinated with the 70's Music. I Love the 70's. In this photo is my caring,loving and supportive wife Miss Rose Tyone.
Favorite Artists

Powerful,mean, bad music

Alice Cooper
Coop always sounded like Halloween Music

Uriah Heep
The Heep was a band that was considered acid rock in the 70's.

Status Quo
They were ahead of their time

The first successful native acts of the 70's.

Favorite Albums

Hamilton Joe Frank & Reynolds - Self-titled
One of the first albums I really liked

Steve Miller Band - Book of Dreams
Reminds of the bad times I went thru

The Who - Greatest Hits
Best for the 70's

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