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Lonnie Tyone Maxim was born in Glennallen Alaska in the year of nineteen hundred and fifty six. Lonnie was known by all his friends as Lonnie Maxim for many years. But as time went by Lonnie found out his real name was Lonnie Tyone. Lonnie was adopted by his grandmother almost immediately after he was born and becoming Lonnie Tyone so that's who I am right now as 12/27/56. I do what I do because at an early age my grandmother knew that one day I will be doing something with music. Right now I've been playing guitar since 1970. And the 70's became a very important part of my life. So I've been fascinated with the 70's Music. I Love the 70's. In this photo is my caring,loving and supportive wife Miss Rose Tyone.

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Even though times are changing, people change, situations change, music doesn't change. I hope the year of 2012 brings in happiness, peace and prosperity. As as I was saying earlier, that music doesn't change, it does change, what I mean is that you probably heard the same music forever but each time you notice something different about that record you've been listening to for a long time. So with that being said, I would like you listen closely to the songs I play and see if you can tell what I mean.