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trance music online from Dance Groovz on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: groovz
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Hard to believe it's been five years since I put my first track online here. Dance Groovz began with a simple premise: to put the music I love online so I could listen to it anywhere, anytime. It turned out that a lot of other people liked it too lol. It even stayed popular when only paying subscribers couldl listen. I'm happy to say it's open to the world again. Thanks for listening!
Favorite Artists

Paul van Dyk
The number one trance songwriter

"Don't Stop" will always be one of my favorite songs

The best trance remixer in the business

Armin van Buuren
Another trance great

DJ Tiesto
The Athens Olympics brought trance to the whole world

Favorite Albums

Paul van Dyk - Out There and Back
Not a wasted track on this classic

Hybrid - Morning Sci-Fi
Blending electronic, rock, and classical elements into a beautiful new sound

Paul Oakenfold - Tranceport
Classic song selection, beautifully mixed

DJ Tiesto - Summer Breeze
Still one of the best continuous-mix party CDs

Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland
From blues to psychedelic space patrol and everything in between

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