DJ Profile
freeform music online from K-MUSE on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: The Muse
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am a lover of the music and words that have the power to transform our experience from one of the ordinary to one of Wonder. Throughout history there have appeared those whose artistic contributions have provided the much needed accents of Beauty, Harmony, Peace, Energy and Love on the planet. K-Muse was created to magnify these Accents and make them accessible worldwide on the internet.
Favorite Artists

The Star-Scape Singers
There is no vocal ensemble in the world to equal their musical innovation. Kenneth G. Mills and Chris Dedrick's original compositions are nothing less than genius!

Karl Jenkins
One of the most brilliant, creative composers of our time.

The Free Design
For the beauty of their harmonies and vocal sound.

Kenneth G. Mills
He was a true modern-day Renaissance Man.

Favorite Broadcasters

Pat Metheny
Great music!