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Back To The 70's

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A little about me back in the day in new york i did DJ work along with doing partys like wedding Clubs ECT and also did over the over air radio and a little tv also. I miss those fun days i like to call it. Today for the fun of it and the love of music i do and have a on line over the web radio stations going . I go by the name of Ken Versa if you do a web search with the DJ name that i use then you will see many web pages i have out there and i would think you may find some videos of me of the work i did back in the day . I have a facebook page out there . If you would like to be come a friand on my facebook page look for ken versa that's a better way to find on my wall page Links To Ken Versa's Power Hit Radio stations there are two stations and fun videos from back in the day updates to whats going on with the on line radio stations . So with all that said i hope you join me.

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