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DJ: Kerri Justice
Location: Columbus, OH

When I was about eight I asked my Mom "What's the point of music with no words?" That sums up my musical taste fairly well. Although I grew to appreciate instrumentals, for me it all comes down to a powerful or passionate voice with something to say. Music can move me like nothing else but the lyrics/vocals can make it or break it, and when it is delivered by a pure voice or a voice filled with passion and feeling I'm sold. My current playlist has a little bit of everything. I hope you enjoy the music of the moment. Take care and thanks for listening. Peace.
Favorite Albums

Moby - Play
I am not typically a fan of techno but anyone who listens to Moby will agree that he is not typically techno

Patty Griffin - Flaming Red
What's not to love?

Damien Rice - O
Quite bare, a must have.

Shane Nicholson - It's A Movie
He sounds very much like old Crowded House. Makes me feel 17 again!

Favorite Broadcasters
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